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Great experience with the amazing feeling of working with one of the world’s intelligent creatures; Dolphins! Venture into Bunbury, Western Australia where you will have a chance to swim with these amazing creatures while working towards a worthwhile cause of increasing public awareness of these dolphins and other marine life!

Program Description

The Dolphin Program is a popular project for both international and local volunteers with hundreds being attracted to the project each year. Many of them even return to relive the wonderful experience in beautiful Australia! For a minimum of six weeks you will volunteer and live in Bunbury where you will help with the Conservation, Education, Tourism and Research of the local bottlenose dolphins! Meet volunteers and tourists from all over the world on a daily basis and create long lasting friendships!

If you are looking for a unique volunteering opportunity to have a fun time while contributing towards a worthwhile cause then this project is perfect for you! Take part in the day to day activities of the project! Become a swim tour guide or talk to visitors from all over the world about the program and these amazing creatures. Learn about the life of the bottlenose dolphins! The beach is just two minutes away from the project and is perfect for relaxation! Apply now and don’t miss the opportunity to have a fantastic volunteer experience!

Volunteers will work alongside other international and local volunteers as well as qualified staff who will train you during your stay. 
Volunteers have to commit to a minimum of 6 weeks and need to be flexible, open minded, timely, honest and dependable. No special skills or equipment are needed.

This project site Bunbury, Western Australia which is a nice and safe seaside town where a number of dolphins frequent the bay all the time. This is perfect for those who have a love for dolphins and marine life and have a passion for protecting these amazing species. Bunbury is close to Perth with many nice places around to visit. 

Typical Day
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 12:00pm

At the Dolphin project, volunteers act as a vital part towards the Conservation, Education, Tourism and Research of the local population of wild bottlenose dolphins. Hundreds of international and local volunteers take part in this wonderful experience each year. As a volunteer, not only will you get to experience swimming with these amazing creatures but also help with the daily tasks at the project. Some of your responsibilities will includes:

  • Managing the Dolphin Program Room area, assist with research and record observations in the bay, Put in data found into databases for analysis maintaining the upkeep of the paths and fences and assist and monitor dolphin visits to the zone.
  • Communicate with tourists/visitors on the beach about the Dolphins and what the program is about.
  • Help with caring and maintaining of Aquariums and help with the general cleaning and maintenance at the project.
  • Assist with tourists and help with guided tours and act as tour guides at the Interpretive Center for the public, tour groups and students and Take part in various activities at the project.

Starting Dates

The Project will be available from October to April. We recommend that you arrive on any Monday and Depart on a Monday.

Minimum Duration

Min: 6 weeks

Max: 12 weeks

Participant Criteria & Requirements
Standard Requirements
Minimum age: 18
Maximum age: -
Minimum English level: Intermediate
CRB required: On Signup
Passport copy required: On Signup
Resume copy required: No
Required qualification: None

Additional Requirements
Health Declaration Required

Suitable for Singles, Couples, Groups, 50+

What is included:

  • Dorm rooms in a hostel that is a fifteen minutes’ walk away from the project
  • WiFi at accommodation and project site
  • Ongoing service and local emergency support

What's Excluded?

  • Visa fee
  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccinations 
  • Airport pickup & dropoff
  • Food and beverages
Location and Arrival Airport

Australia - Western Australia

Arrival Airport: Perth Airport

Pickup Point: Perth Airport

Country Info

Who is not enticed by the rugged nature and the unique wildlife of the land down under? Although somewhat familiar due to its western influence it never ceases to amaze visitors with its exquisite biodiversity. The great barrier reef Uluru Daintree rainforest the Outback and not to mention all creatures great and small that are nowhere else to be found! All of these natural wonders are at your fingertips during your Australian volunteer experience! Do you have a soft spot for sea turtles kangaroos or koalas and are you eager to conserve this biodiverse continent? Look no further volunteer opportunities in Australia are endless! Read on to find out more about the plethora of programs in need of your help!

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