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Your kindness giving a helping hand to the underprivileged children by teaching them English at a community school in Cambodia, providing disadvantaged children with the tools to gain meaningful employment and break the cycle of poverty.

Aim & Objective

To improve English proficiency of the underprivileged kids so they can get a better opportunity in future by having a good English communication skill.

Program Description

The reign of the Khmer Rouge devastated the education system in Cambodia and destroyed its very foundation. Since then, the Cambodian government has invested a lot of time and money into rebuilding their education system. However, change is slow and Cambodia still has one of the poorest literacy rates in Asia, especially amongst women. High dropout rates, lack of qualified teachers and classroom overcrowding are all significant factors that continue to have a negative impact on the countries education system.

Cambodia’s economy is shifting from that of traditional sustenance farming to an economy driven by industry and service. This economic change has further enhanced social inequality within the country as the less educated and economically poorer members of society are driven into low-paid jobs with no career development. The demand for skilled labour, especially within the service sector to keep up with Cambodia’s growing tourism industry, calls for a greater need for children to get more engaged in their education, in particular with developing English language proficiency.

Volunteer placement at a community school programme where the aim of the project is to provide accessible education and English development to children from the surrounding villages. The opportunity to learn and develop English is so high in this rural area that children are prepared to travel 7km each way daily for a one hour English lesson. The school usually has over 100 children attending each day. The project has grown so much that the programme is now expanding into nearby village schools to provide even more opportunities to the local community.

For many of the children from the rural villages, learning English is seen as the only way to get on in life and achieve the better jobs in Cambodia such as accounting and hotel work to bring an overall higher standard of living for themselves.

The school provides free English lessons to children from low-income families in the Takeo province. The children still attend public school in the mornings and in the afternoon attend the community school programme that provides a key focus on English language development.

Typical Day
Monday to Friday
You will be teaching at the kids 5-18 years old at a basic school for 3-5 hours, breaks in between. Volunteers are required to prepare as much as possible for their teaching programme. Volunteers are more than welcome and encouraged to make their lessons fun and engaging and this may include storytelling, singing songs and arts and crafts activities. There is plenty of outdoor space where volunteers can take the class out to play sports, educational games or enjoy some play time at the end of an intense lesson on the slides and swings!

Starting Dates
Every 1st Monday of the month

Minimum 4 weeks and maximum 4 weeks

Participant Criteria & Requirements
Standard Requirements
Minimum age: 18
Maximum age: -
Minimum English level: Intermediate
CRB required: On Signup
Passport copy required: On Signup
Resume copy required: No
Required qualification: None

Additional Requirements
A good level of English.

Additional equipment
Casual dress is appropriate during your placement at the teaching centre. However, no-see through clothes or low cut tops are permitted.

What is included:

  • Accommodation, dorm or hostel
  • Meals, breakfast and dinner only (12 meals per week)
  • Transportation to project site
  • 24/7 in country emergency support
  • Dedicated project coordinator
  • Volunteer placement

What's excluded:

  • Flight
  • Insurance
  • Airport pickup and dropoff at conclusion of the project
  • Visa fee
  • Spending money for addtional activities
  • Meals, lunch & dinner
Location and Arrival Airport

Cambodia - Phnom Penh

Arrival Airport: Phnom Penh International Airport

Pickup Point: Phnom Penh International Airport

Country Info

There is a magic about this charming yet confounding kingdom that casts a spell on visitors. In Cambodia ancient and modern worlds collide to create an authentic adventure. Despite having the eighth wonder of the world in its backyard but the real treasure is its people. The Khmers have been to hell and back struggling through years of bloodshed poverty and political instability. Thanks to an unbreakable spirit and infectious optimism they have prevailed with their smiles intact. No visitor comes away without a measue of admiration and affection for the inhabitants of this enigmatic kingdom.

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Teach English - Community School




From 02 Dec 2019 To 28 Dec 2019

560.00 per person