Program Details


Volunteer in Mongolia is the best way to help one of the most disadvantaged and neglected children community in the world. The experience will be very rewarding. This program works with an official NGO registered with Mongolian Government to ensure ethicallity and accountability of the project bringing enormous benefit to the deserved children.

Aim & Objective

To help improving general knowledge of the kids in English as the main medium of instruction. Children in schools used to have an option only to study Russian only as a second language. Since the Mongolian Revolution of 1990, the government is more open and students are given a chance to study other languages such as English in schools. The quality of English language teaching, however, needs improvement. 

Program Description

You play an important role in the contribution for the children in Mongolia as a volunteer whether during your gap year, career break or during a volunteer vacation. The impact you have on the kids will be obvious, but you will also be part of a much larger network of international volunteers which is making a positive and ongoing contribution to the wider community.

From time to time, you will help out with a number of things from events or activities organising for the children, teaching extra-curricular classes such as music, sports or languages, to helping with cooking, maintenance, administration and or even fundraising.

Teaching English, one of the activities in this program is challenging, but it is also very rewarding. As as volunteer you may choose to teach two to four hours a day for five days a week. If you have other skills, like knowledge of drawing, you can teach these along with English as the main medium of instruction. This program encourages you to come with innovations and creative ideas you think will bring to the highest level of benefit to the children, therefore there is no fix-curriculum. 

There is a variety of resources may be useful, for example a library, musical instrutments, sewing machines, classroom, even outdoor activities as there is a basket ball court and vast land in the centre premises which you can make use of them for any lesson you would like to teach.

Typical Day

Monday to Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm or longer 

Starting Dates
Only available in June - August. Every Monday, arrival on Sunday prior to your choice of start date.

Minimum 2 weeks and maximum 12 weeks

Participant Criteria & Requirements
Standard Requirements
Minimum age: 17
Maximum age: -
Minimum English level: Intermediate
CRB required: Yes
Passport copy required: On Signup
Resume copy required: Yes
Required qualification: Yes

Additional Requirements
Experience in working with children and young adults
Have worked with people from different cultures
A good command of the English language
Have experience in teaching
Highly flexible and able to work independently
Problem Solving

What is Included:

  • Airport pick-up
  • Accommodation, dorm or hostel
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) while at placement (18 meals a week)
  • 24/7 in country emergency support
  • WiFI
  • Volunteer placement

What's Excluded:

  • Flight
  • Insurance
  • Airport drop-off at conclusion of the project
  • Visa
  • Spending money for additional activities

Other Info

Free Time activities

Please expect limited Western types of social activities in Mongolia. However, the volunteer get acquainted with nomadic culture, learning more about everyday life and culture, travel through the beautiful nature of Mongolia. We recommend: Climbing, Hiking or Riding

Location and Arrival Airport

Mongolia - Ulaanbaatar

Arrival Airport: Chinggis Khaan International Airport (IATA Code: ULN)

Pickup Point: Chinggis Khaan International Airport 

Country Info

Rugged Mongolia is an adventure destination where travellers can experience nomadic culture and vast untouched landscapes. Mongolians are fully aware of the unique beauty of their country. Ask locals and they will probably start gushing about the spectacular countryside vast steppes rugged mountains clear lakes and abundant wildlife and livestock. Some areas are so remote you could drive a full day and see almost no signs of human habitation. It’s this true wilderness experience that many people find so appealing. City residents from Ulaanbaatar have also started to discover their own country and camping is now popular among urban locals. Protected areas cover almost a fifth of the country and the government is looking to increase that figure.

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